Finally, after 2 years of pandemia, we are glad to finally be back in Bali.

It is exciting to share with a large group of up to 36 volunteers in the first group, 46 volunteers in the second group and 4 team leaders from different countries who are going to be delivering free healthcare based on osteopathy and physical therapy intervention to the community of children and families with special needs in the island.

We are also very happy to announce 3 new Institutional collaborations with Yayasan Solemen, Dhyana Pura University and AidHub and we are continuing our collaboration with Yayasan Legong as well as our collaboration at SLB School for Children with Special Needs.



We were able to provide healthcare assistance to 259 patients distributed in 502 sessions, and also we did home visits (11 homes visited) for those families who have needed these treatments over the years.

Additionally we were interviewed at NusaBali Newspaper and we had an audience with the Vice Governor of Bali.



Finally we would like to special thanks to all the volunteers from different countries, to the local Institutions, the charity Yayasan Solemen, and to the organizations Yayasan Legong, SLB School for Children with Special Needs, Dhyana Pura University and AidHub.

We really appreciate your participation, support and help these days.

Do you want to join at the next mission? Please contact us for more details and information.

We are waiting for you!

HwH Foundation