Upcoming missions

International volunteer opportunity available for healthcare therapist

Our goals are yours


Provide free healthcare -to children and adults with disabilities and limited to none access to health.


Share the experience with professional colleagues and with the local families


Learn with the training modules through Hands with Heart Academy

"Make a difference"

What to expect and how will you make an impact as a volunteer?

Providing healthcare practices to children with disabilities, their families and local therapists can go a long way in supporting the wellbeing of children throughout their lives. Volunteers teaching these important skills can make a meaningful difference to children in underserved communities who may not otherwise have access to this kind of information, treatments and suffer for it.


There is also a great opportunity for you as a qualified health professional to share and learn with other colleges from other countries and health professions and to learn from the local community at the same time.

Hands with Heart contribute as a NGO to SDG #3, #4, #5, #10 and #17 with healthcare assistance for vulnerable children with disabilities in remote areas.