Provide free healthcare


to children and adults with disabilities

and limited to none access to health

Providing healthcare practices
to Parasurfing athletes

Join us to live in an international environment and with

high-performance athletes. Immerse yourself in the preparation of the

event and live a unique experience with your professional colleagues,

as well as discover the most famous beaches in the world for surfing.

Free healthcare for all

We bring people together and empower communities to consciousness

of disability through health care, social and educational actions.

Together, we can make a bigger impact

Help support our projects to ensure a universal access to free Healthcare by donating or getting involved in other ways.
Join our network of partners and help bring our initiative to life around the world.
As a professional, choose the program fitting with you to make a difference in the life of people with no access to public health care.

This is our project

is a registered charity that provides free healthcare services to children and adults with disabilities who have limited or no access to healthcare. The organization was founded in 2016 and has since collaborated with health professionals from around the world who seek to help patients and develop a volunteer program in which they can expand their knowledge.


Board of directors

Jorge Aranda Beltran: President
Guilio de Jesús Martini Pérez: Secretary
Juan Humberto Calzetta: Treasurer

UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center

UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center

Hands With Heart in Ukraine Ukraine develops special rehabilitation unit called “unbroken” A special rehabilitation unit called “Unbroken” in Ukraine Hospital is created for soldiers, civilians and children who developed a disability due to war. This unit is going to...

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A talk for disability at Green School in Bali

A talk for disability at Green School in Bali

Awareness and dissemination of disability in Bali are the mission of the foundation in this regard In the last mission in Bali, Jorge Aranda gave two talks addressed to different people on the Island. On the one hand, Jorge spoke to Green School students about the...

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Ayúdame 3D collaboration

Ayúdame 3D collaboration

Working togeter in a prototype device for mobility and functionality Guillermo, founder of Ayudame 3D @ayudame3d , together with Jorge Aranda, founder of Hands with Heart, are working together to make a prototype device that can help Dimitri’s mobility and...

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