Hands with Heart Foundation

Provide free healthcare to children and adults with disabilities and limited to none access to health.

We have a mission

Provide health advice to children and young adults with disabilities or disadvantaged.

Collaborate with health professionals from around the world who seek to help patients.

Develop a volunteer program in which you can expand your knowledge.

This is our project

As Foundation, we are based on an international volunteering program from the year 2016, gathering students, junior and senior professional therapists from all over the world to provide healthcare services and treatments, primarily but not exclusively through manual therapies to children and young adults in need. We also share different approaches and therapeutic modalities with local healthcare therapists. We encourage Continuous Professional Development by delivering workshops and internships.

So far, we have included osteopathy, physical therapy, and behavioral optometry within our services. However, we are looking to expand the services we can provide. We strongly recommend any healthcare professional and social worker who believe they can assist to apply.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States, a foundation in Costa Rica, a member of a consortium of foundations in Indonesia, and an association in Spain.

Board of directors

Jorge Aranda Beltran: President
Guilio de Jesús Martini Pérez: Secretary
Juan Humberto Calzetta: Treasurer

We strongly encourage any healthcare professional and social worker who think they can help to contact us.

Course Osteopathic medicine in autism spectrum disorders

Course Osteopathic medicine in autism spectrum disorders

On February 25 and 26 the course took place as part of the Hands with Heart Academy The course was held with a total of 16 students training with us at the Institute Osteopatico Fulcro, Monastier di Treviso, Italy Specific and sufficient notions were acquired by the...

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