We have a commitment to health

Thanks to the volunteer program we help disabled or disadvantaged children

Hands With Heart Foundation is an international volunteering program collaborating osteopaths, physiotherapists and optometrists. The program is open to expansion to all healthcare professionals seeking to treat patients, while also assisting in the development broad range of services at the centres.

We offer healthcare and wellbeing advice for children and young adults with disability, special needs and for those who are economically disadvantaged. By working with new professional modalities and incorporating them into a daily approach, we aim to help the kids to reach the potential by developing a social sustainability program as well as the skills to become self-reliant.

 international volunteering program

All help is needed

Disability is a complex and lifelong condition that can be challenging on many levels, for the patient and their family. It requires lots of specific support, guidance, patience and love.

Due to economic, social and cultural circumstances, we have spotted a lack of specific healthcare support for people living in Bali and Costa Rica and we aim to fill this gap.

What provides our help in those centers?

  • Daily care
  • Education
  • Support for families
  • Special training for local therapists

Is your moment

From a professional perspective, the volunteers get the opportunity to expand their knowledge by daily practicing and by sharing their experience with therapists coming from more than ten different countries in the world.