Our founder Jorge Aranda, has been awarded by a famous Spanish radio station – Cadena 100.

This award has been given to him for the love that Jorge shows for his profession and for his choice to dedicate his time to changing the lives of others and making this a better world: he is an osteopath and his vocation has led him to change Dimitri’s life.

Dimitrie is a young man from Romania who will turn 21 in April. He was born with cerebral palsy, which prevents him from being able to sit, walk or talk. 8 years ago, his mother brought him to Spain so that Jorge, his osteopath, could treat him.

They connected right away. Then, which was the real problem? The pandemic pushed them away.

To solve this, Jorge traveled to Romania through his “Hands with Heart” foundation. He offered Dimitrie monthly osteopathic sessions completely free of charge.

Jorge not only helped Dimitrie, he also offered his services free of charge to various centers for underprivileged children.

Finally, on behalf of the entire Hands with Heart team, we wanted to congratulate Jorge on this recognition, apart from the fact that you deserve it, you are a reference and an inspiration for all of us.

Congratulations Jorge.

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