Costa Rica Medical Mission

International volunteer opportunity available for healthcare therapist

Our goals are yours


Provide free healthcare -to children and adults with disabilities and limited to none access to health.


Share the experience with professional colleagues and with the local families


Learn with the training modules through Hands with Heart Academy

Costa Rica Medical Mission

Why a Medical Mission with Hand with Heart in Costa Rica?

On a Medical Mission with us, you will have the opportunity to provide free healthcare assistance to children with disabilities and health education to their families, communities and local therapists.


The jungle in Costa Rica is a remote area where resources and services are limited or difficult to access.


By sharing the experience with colleagues from your same profession or similar and being in an international environment, in another country with an unfamiliar geographical space like the jungle and different beliefs, behaviour and culture you’ll play a fundamental role in providing specialised healthcare to local people.

"Make a difference"

Argentina Medical Mission


  • Provide free healthcare to children with disabilities.
  • Collaboration with local associations, therapists and universities.
  • Duration from 10 days.
  • Introduction courses by Hands with Heart Academy.

All volunteers are required to have adequate volunteer travel insurance.

This medical mission is ideal for:

All Healthcare professionals are welcome (including students).

Mainly those with clinical experience in the field of neuro-paediatric, manual medicine, and rehabilitation.

What to expect and how will you make an impact as a volunteer?

Providing healthcare practices to children with disabilities, their families and local therapists can go a long way in supporting the wellbeing of children throughout their lives. Volunteers teaching these important skills can make a meaningful difference to children in underserved communities who may not otherwise have access to this kind of information, treatments and suffer for it.


There is also a great opportunity for you as a qualified health professional to share and learn with other colleges from other countries and health professions and to learn from the local community at the same time.

Hands with Heart contribute as a NGO to SDG #3, #4, #5, #10 and #17 with healthcare assistance for vulnerable children with disabilities in remote areas.


Accommodation and location general information

We always seek to offer maximum comfort to our volunteers since we understand that they need a place to rest physically and emotionally.

  • The accommodation is located in an area where you can walk to bars, restaurants, shops, banks and laundries.
  • Except in the desert, the accommodation will always have: air-conditioning, hot water and Wi-Fi.
  • It is recommended to arrive at least 1 day before the mission start


Additional information:

  • Contact with the place of accommodation is available to make reservations in case you want to arrive before the start of the Mission, with a special discount.
  • If you need a trustworthy person to pick you up from the airport, let us know.




  • We will try to meet the food needs of each volunteer. Although we cannot always guarantee 100% that they can be achieved. There will always be a vegetarian option.
  • Part of the experience is based on knowing their gastronomic culture.
  • In most cases, local meals are based on rice (rice with beans).
  • The food is not spicy or overly seasoned.
  • Bottled water will always be provided.
Costa Rica Medical Mission

Costa Rica Medical Mission program

Day 1-2-3-4

Welcoming to Cartago

Healthcare assistance School Association and Home Visits

Day 5

Transfer to Talamanca

Healthcare assistance in Limón

Day 6-7

Healthcare assistance in rural areas of Suretka

Day 8

Healthcare assistance in Amubri (jungle)

Day 9

Ellaboration of census indigenous communities

Day 10

Closing event

Essential country information

Capital  San José (Costa Rica)



 400.000 hab.








Time zone

UTC 06:00

Weather and climate

The country is located in the neotropical region, which is why it has tropical characteristics, with two well-defined seasons throughout the year: the dry season (also called summer) and the rainy season (also called winter), in addition to the middle of the latter. occasionally a phenomenon called Veranillo de San Juan, when the climate returns to the dry season for a period of 5 to 6 months. This, on the Pacific side of the country, while on the Caribbean side it is rainy all year, almost without a defined dry season.

Summary – the mission includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Local transport
  • Uniform
  • Cultural immersion
  • Training program
    • On-line classes
    • On-site guidance
  • Personalised preparation tools, guides and checklists.
  • Certificate of Hands with Heart



    Not included:


    • Flights
    • Medical insurance
    • PCR test
    • Airport Transfer


    Asociación de Desarrollo integral Talamanca Cabecar

    Aditibri Talamanca

    CEE Carlos Luis Valle Masis

    Koswak Usure



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