Where we work

Where we work

Hands with Heart
The work of Hands with Heart

Hand With Heart Foundation actively operates in Bali (Indonesia) and Costa Rica.

In Bali, Hands with Heart collaborates with four different centers located in Ubud, Canggu, Denpasar and Uluwatu. These centers are for children and young adults with physical disabilities (neurological disorders, anatomical malformations, severe traumas, etc.) and for children with special needs, primarily blind and with intellectual disability, and orphans (Denpasar and Uluwatu). We also provide home visits for patients in rural areas with limited access to healthcare.

In Costa Rica, we operate in centers located in the areas of Cartago, Desamparados and Talamanca.

Too often the access to this kind of health’s programmay result too expensive for the families and even out of the cultural perception.

We are willing and glad to work with the centers in need whilst providing training to improve the ability of their therapists to treat their patients, as well as for the family members for a more social sustainable development.